A Message From Our President

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Apollo Construction & Engineering Services Inc. On our Web Page you will find a brief history and information concerning the company and its staff.

    Apollo Construction & Engineering Services, Inc. has been in business in West Central Florida for seventeen years and has provided the highest quality of service to our customers. We employ only skilled union craftsmen who are trained and tested in their respective trades in order to maintain our quality workmanship.

    We are a very diversified company with many capabilities. Our experience includes innumerable public works projects as well as a long-term relationship with Tampa’s private industry.

    We at Apollo Construction are proud of our excellent work history and will strive to continue it in the future. We are willing to work with you on any project in the future and hope that we may be of service to you in the near future.


Thomas G. Kamprath President

Our History

Apollo Construction & Engineering Services, Inc. was founded on June 16,1987.

Thomas G. Kamprath, president of ACES is licensed as a professional engineer and in general contracting, mechanical contracting, plumbing, pollutant storage, electrical contracting and fire protection and worked to be placed on many different bidder lists in the area. Apollo Construction has built strong relationships with many public, individual and commercial owners over the years.

The company is a $2,000,000.00 corporation with a firm foothold in the industry.

Our Qualifications

Your Assurance of Excellence Professional Licenses & Certifications

Apollo Construction & Engineering Services is registered with the State of Florida Board of Professional Engineers and is certified by the State of Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board and various local governments as:


Apollo Construction & Engineering Services is fully insured for your added protection. We maintain a corporate safety program.


Performance bonding is available at the client’s option.

Scope of Services

Apollo Construction and Engineering Services Inc. performs contracted work in a broad spectrum of areas, including:
Fabrication & Erection
Water Control Structures
Sign Support Structures
Welding Structural Repairs
Special High Strength Composite & Alloy Fabrication & Designs
General Contracting
Structural Concrete
Concrete Flat Work
Concrete Work
Concrete Repairs
Maintenance Facilities
Miscellaneous Structures
Masonry Repairs
Interior Finishes
Mechanical Contracting
Pump Stations
Storm Water Structures
Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
Equipment Setting and Erecting
Machinery & Equipment Installation
Millwright work
Mechanical Maintenance
Water Treatment Facilities
Waste Water Treatment Facilities


Plumbing, new construction

Plumbing, renovation


The majority of Apollo Construction's experience has been in retrofit and rehabilitation projects.  in addition to that we provide "man and machine" rentals in a wide range of equipment from trucks and trailers to concrete mixers, welding machines, scaffolding and forklifts.  These are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to serve your needs.

Apollo Construction also offers an "emergency response" service for repairs necessitated by unforeseen events or disasters.  Less urgent projects are provided on an "on call" basis where equipment and material will be scheduled as agreed in advance.  These services are charged on a "time and material" basis or a lump sum basis if the scope is well defined.