Concrete Repairs and Restorations

Apollo Construction can repair cracks, spalls and leaks in your concrete structure.

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Apollo Construction repaired cracks and missing concrete for the City of Tampa at the Howard F. Curren Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Key Benefits

Apollo Construction is familiar with all types of repair materials and chemicals including epoxies.

Recent Projects

City of Tampa, Department of Sanitary Sewers, Howard F. Curren Wastewater Treatment Plantórepair cracks in holding tank, seal leaking cracks, repair concrete spalls, and repair cracks in stairway.

City of Tampa, Firestation #1, Tampa Florida- repairs to concrete parking garage and building.

Springhead Elementary School, Wastewater Treatment Plant- seal leaks in a concrete tank.  Coat the interior surfaces of concrete tanks with epoxy gel.

City of Tampa, Department of Sanitary Sewers, San Carlos Pump Station- repairs to precast concrete wall caused by reinforcing steel corrosion.  Temporary coating and repairs to damaged concrete and reinforcing steel in the wet well to stop the continuation of corrosion and damage until permanent repairs can be designed and budgeted.