Mechanical and HVAC work

Apollo has much experience in Mechanical and HVAC work in both Tampa's public and private sectors.

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Penthouse at Stroh's Brewery In Tampa, Florida.


Fan Installation for baggage handling tunnel, Tampa International Airport

Dynamometer Installation at Fleet Maintenance Facility, City of Tampa

Install Condenser Coils and monorail for Old City Hall, Tampa Florida

Stroh Brewery Roof Top Air Handling Unit Replacement

Fire Station Apparatus Bay Ventilation Improvements, City of Tampa

Remove, Rehabilitate, and Reinstall Air Conditioning Units and Fans at Westwood Elementary School, Gainesville Florida

Chiller Replacement at Tyrone Middle School, St. Petersburg Florida

Hydraulic Lift Renovations, HARTLine Bus Maintenance Facility, Tampa, Florida

Replace Boiler at Lithia Springs Elementary School, Lithia, Florida

Mead Packer and Conveyer Installation at Stroh Brewery, Tampa Florida

Pug Mill Shaft Replacement, H. F. Curren AWTP, City of Tampa

Fermentation Tank Glycol Coils, Stroh Brewery, Tampa, Florida