Apollo Construction and Engineering Services Inc. has an excellent track record in a great variety of projects in various industries such as Breweries, Hospitals, Schools, Local Governments as well as State and Federal Governments and the local Phosphate and related industries.  We feel especially qualified in the following areas.

Emergency Repairs and Response    
Apollo Construction performs emergency repairs to minimize disruption to your business or life.
Concrete Repairs and Restorations    
Apollo Construction repairs and restores all types of concrete and masonry structures.
Apollo Construction can fabricate products from all types of metals and exotic materials.
Radio Frequency Shields
Apollo Construction installs custom radio frequency and magnetic shields.
Mechanical and HVAC
Apollo Construction can handle your process piping, mechanical equipment and HVAC needs
Concrete Forming and Placement
Apollo Construction forms and pours all types of concrete structures.
Apollo Construction does all kinds of piping work incorporating any type of material and joining method.
Apollo Construction cleans, paints and restores a variety of surfaces.
Industrial Maintenance and Construction
Apollo Construction maintains a long standing relationship with industry in Tampa and the surrounding area.
Wastewater and Water Treatment
Apollo Construction routinely works at wastewater and water treatment plants in West Central Florida.
Apollo Construction self-performs plumbing work and repairs.
Masonry, Tile and Pavers
Apollo Construction self-performs masonry construction including the installation of acid brick.  Installation of tile and pavers is also self performed.
Apollo Construction self-performs precision millwrighting work such as conveyer installation and repairs; equipment and machinery installation and erecting; and equipment and machinery repairs and modifications.
Apollo Construction self-performs electrical contracting.
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