Our Services

We provide a wide array of construction and engineering services for government and industrial clients. Browse through some of our most popular types of projects to see what we can do for you.

Masonry, Tiles, and Paving

We are qualified to work with all types of masonry, brick, and blocks. We also self-perform masonry construction, including the installation of acid brick — including in new buildings, annexations, additions, and various other masonry projects. 


We fabricate products from all types of metals — aluminum, sheet metal, and steel. We also build products with exotic materials and alloys. Some of our past projects include air ducts with branched and heating coils, aluminum street signs, sheet metal ductwork, insulated grease ducts for industrial kitchens, and construction foundations. 

Radio Frequency Shields

We install custom radio frequency and magnetic shields. We’re also qualified to install and furnish laminated steel magnetic shields, solid steel magnetic shields, copper radio frequency shields, and lead, x-ray, and radiation shields. Past projects include installing copper MRI shields and laminated steel magnetic shields for medical equipment suppliers.

Concrete Forming and Placement

At Apollo Construction, we form and pour concrete for all types of structures. We can erect precast concrete, form, place, and finish slabs, as well as driveways and sidewalks. We also form, install, reinforce, place, and finish concrete for columns, beams, elevated slabs, and walls. 

Finally, we design and build ADA compliant ramps. Past projects include installing a pipe bridge for the Tampa Port Authority, building high purity oxygen systems at wastewater treatment plants, and hydraulic lift renovations.


At Apollo Contracting, we self-perform electrical contracting work — including installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems, air conditioning units, ceiling fans, and other projects, while maintaining compliance with OSHA regulations. 


We also work with high-pressure laminate (HPL) for exterior cladding of roofs and walls — for weather resistance, insulation, or aesthetics. We specifically work with Trespa because their panels and sidings are low-maintenance and easy to clean; and they offer a wide range of designs for your surfaces.

Mechanical and HVAC

We install, repair, and maintain mechanical equipment, including anything relating to your HVAC needs. Past projects include fan installation for the baggage handling tunnel at Tampa International Airport, dynamometer installation and fleet maintenance, ductwork and piping, mechanical replacements and renovations, and conveyor and shaft installations and replacements. 

Let Us Help You With Your Industrial or Municipal Projects

No matter your contracting, repair, or maintenance needs, we can get it done — even they’re complex or you need emergency assistance. 

Call us at 813-645-4926 for a quote. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!