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At Apollo Construction & Engineering Services, we’re proud of our extensive work throughout Florida’s west coast. Some of our past projects would be impressive by any standards, and our commitment to quality is reflected in everything we do. 

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Browse below so you can see for yourself some of the contract work we’ve done for our clients. 


Piney Point Phosphate Plant

We’ve done several repairs at Piney Point Phosphate Plant,
including repair to a corrosion damaged 200 foot high steel stack,
as well as pipe equipment, shoring, concrete repair, and replacement.
Piney Point

Permanent Shoring

Piney Point

Hollow Core Decking Replacement


Concrete Replacement


Tampa Bay Airports

We installed fans for the baggage handling tunnel at Tampa International Airport, as well as installing and repairing airplane hangar doors at Peter O’Knight Airport in Davis Islands. 


Sarasota Tribune Herald

We have experienced millwrights on our team, who are capable of completing precision projects. One of the most recent calls for this type of work was to set and grout large sole plates for printing presses to a very tight tolerance at the Sarasota Tribune Herald.  


Port of Manatee

We’ve installed steam and condensate piping and carbon steel piping at Piney Point Phosphates wastewater plant in Manatee County.


Tampa-Hillsborough County Main Library

Apollo Construction is qualified to work with all types of masonry brick and block. We have constructed new buildings, annexations, and other masonry projects, such as installing elevated pavers for the exterior fountains at the Tampa-Hillsborough Library. 


Springhead Elementary School

We conducted several repairs at the wastewater treatment plant at Springhead Elementary School in Plant City. Our team sealed leaks on concrete tanks and coated the interior surfaces with epoxy gel.

Licensing Information

We are certified by the State of Florida for the following types of projects: 

  • General Contractor, State of Florida, No. CGC031703
  • Mechanical Contractor, No. CMC033523
  • Plumbing, State of Florida, No. CFC035730
  • Pollutant Storage Systems Contractor, State of Florida, No. PCC046214
  • Fire Protection System Class 1 Contractor, State of Florida, No. 649604000189
  • Electrical Contractor, State of Florida No. EC0OO2376
  • Engineering, State of Florida, No. 38327

Areas We Serve

  • Hillsborough
  • Pinellas 
  • Pasco
  • Manatee
  • Sarasota


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